Five 13th Birthday Party Ideas 


Planning a 13th birthday for your soon to be teenager can be tough. It needs to be fun and youthful, but it still cool enough to brag about - trust us, we get it.

Here are five great 13th party ideas that will go down a treat with your kid and their friends.


Tasting Table

If your kid has a super super sweet tooth  (let’s be honest, what 13 year old doesn’t?) Our epic Tasting table is sure to be a hit. Hire our our communal table and help us design a decadent dessert buffet according to the tastes of the guest of honour.



All-in Action Parties

If your child likes to be a part of the action an adventure party might be a great option for their 13th birthday. There are heaps of venues offering party packages for activities like go-karting, laser strike, bowling and rock climbing. Finish off a fun day with a sweet birthday treat at Cowch.




Movie Party

Believe it or not your little one is a teenager now. A good way make them feel that little bit more grown up is by letting them go to a movie with a group of friends. You can drop them off and pick them up but the feeling of going to a movie without a parent will make this event feel extra special. Keep the party going after the movie by taking the kids out for some dinner or dessert.



Dessert Pizza Party

Your 13 year old will be going to plenty of pizza parties in their tweens so why not make theirs a little more special by throwing a dessert pizza party instead? Cowch has an awesome selection of cool dessert pizzas that will make your kids pizza party the talk of the playground.



Ultimate Party Experience

13th birthdays have never looked so sweet. Celebrate their step into teen-hood with an ultimate party experience at Cowch. Our ultimate party packages include churro platters, dessert pizzas and smoothies or fizz. 

Eugene Went