Top 10 Kids Party Ideas


Kids birthday parties can be stressful, but they don’t have to be! Here are some great birthday party ideas for kids that your little one will love and won’t cause you to pull your hair out.

Kids Party Idea 1: Dessert Pizza Party

This is a fun twist on a classic kids party choice, the Pizza Party. Mix tradition with invention to create the perfect kid's party experience - ‘Dessert Pizza Party’. Your little one will be the most popular kid in the playground once their friends get a taste of Cowch's delicious chocolate and marshmallow covered pizzas.


Kids Party Idea 2: Ice Cream Party

A kids party doesn’t have to involve jumping castles and pony rides to be memorable and enjoyable. Most kids are just happy to be with friends and do something they don’t get to do every day. Why not invite a handful of their friends to have some ice cream at Cowch? It is a fun and inviting place that will excite the children and there are plenty of interesting ice-cream flavours to choose from. Simple, yet perfect.


Kids Party Idea 3: Arts and Crafts

If your little one loves arts and crafts then why not host a craft themed party? There are plenty of businesses offering paint your own plate classes, pottery making or painting for kids. Another option is to set it up some activities at home with canvases, paint, glitter and more. If possible get a few other parents to help supervise the process.


Kids Party Idea 4: Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is sure to get the kids pumped at their next birthday party. Scavenger hunts do take a bit of planning. You need to put some thought into the prizes and the clues. Gift ideas like vouchers to a dessert bar or pizza coupons can be coupled with smaller gifts like bubbles, cool stationary and toys from the dollar store. Some lollies and chocolate never go astray either! You can organise the kids into teams and make it a competition or give each child a clue and get them to all work together to find the prizes.


Kids Party Idea 5: Dress Up Party

Encourage your kid's imaginative spirit by hosting a dress up party for their birthday. Pick a dress-up theme that relates to your child’s interests, and is also not too difficult, or expensive. Organise some fun and simple games that are related however loosely to the theme. When in doubt, stick to the classics, pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel, or red rover.


Kids Party Idea 6: Home Carnival

For a festive affair turn your backyard into a carnival. Decorate the space with coloured bunting flags, cushions, picnic rugs and even a teepee. Cook up your carnival favourites like hot dogs, fairy floss, mini tacos and skewers. You could also hire entertainment for the kids, for example magicians, face painters or acrobats. Set up games such as giant Connect Four, Twister and lawn bowls. It's fun, laid-back and the kids can have free reign over their activities.

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Kids Party Idea 7: Design Your Own Naked Pops & Smoothies

When organising a kids party, it’s important to have some activities planned so the kids don’t get bored. Why not combine delicious food with fun party activities, by inviting everyone to design their own naked pops and smoothies? This gives kids a chance to get creative, have fun and best of all, you won’t be the one doing the cleaning up afterwards.


Kids Party Idea 8: Beach Party

Make the most of Queensland's incredible environment by hosting a kids party on the beach. The Gold Coast has plenty of patrolled beaches making them a safe and fun place to spend the day. Bring an esky with some sausages and bread for a barbeque once everyone has worked up an appetite. If you live in the city and don't want to drive to the coast, host the beach party at South Bank Beach instead.

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Kids Party Idea 9: Picnic In The Park

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned picnic in the park. It’s a great way to get the kids outside, soaking up the sun. A good way to make a picnic party fun for everyone is to invite parents. The kids will entertain themselves in the playground and you can relax and catch up over a drink.


Kids Party Idea 10: Backyard Movie Night

Bring back the magic of the outdoor cinema with a backyard movie night. Hang a big white sheet on the fence, or between two trees as the screen. Hire a projector out and play your kid’s favourite movie. Have boxes of popcorn and little bottles of water on offer. Make it festive with fairy lights, and a snack buffet for the kids to eat, or order in pizzas for everyone to share.

Start Planning Your Kids Party

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