6 Super Sweet Corporate Team Building Ideas


Corporate Team Building Ideas

Given how much time you spend with your coworkers, there’s nothing sweeter than a happy office. With days choc full of meetings and running around, though, it can be tricky making time to chat.

Treat the office to a team-building exercise at Cowch! With the chance to laugh, relax, and escape the workplace together, you’ll encourage a tight-knit team environment and friendly work atmosphere.

Idea 1: Cocktail Classes

Looking to shake things up? We’ve got a pitcher perfect outing planned for your team! Ditch the whiteboard workshop sessions for a spirited cocktail masterclass at Cowch.

Have fun, unwind, and learn a new skill (that isn’t oncharging accounts) as our bartending masterminds teach your team the ins and outs of our signature Cowch cocktails.


Idea 2: Team planning session

Meeting requests aren’t so fun, but you can sweeten the deal at Cowch. Performance reviews and team planning meetings are crucial to company success, so start kicking goals with a team session at Cowch. Hey, with tables topped in churros and dessert pizzas, it’s easy to feel motivated about those KPIs.



Idea 3: Morning tea (or coffee)

Looking to kick-start the day? Preface a busy morning in the office with a bright and early meeting for tea, coffee, and breakfast. With plates of berry pancakes, avocado on toast, and brekky pizza, you’ll motivate the team and give everyone a chance to ease into the day.



Idea 4: After work drinks

Let’s face it: some days at work can drive the best of us to a cocktail. Make it an official outing with after-work drinks at Cowch! Settle into our cosy couches for an evening of beer, wine, and our famous dessert cocktails. Whether you’re an accountant after an appletini or a consultant craving our candy margarita, Cowch has your fix – and a chance to mingle.


Idea 5: Dress up party

Ditch the corporate gear and encourage some creativity with a team dress up party! With fun, trendy décor and the menu to match, Cowch is an ideal setting for those goofy costumes and team chatter.

Treat the whole team with exclusive hire of our South Bank or Gold Coast venue. With a bar tab on hand and platters of churros and Cowch’s famous Naked Pops, shrugging out of those corporate personas will be a piece of cake.



Idea 6: Dessert

We’ve all heard of the classic sandwich platter, but how ‘bout wowing the team with an unexpected dessert? Leave the classic long lunch scenario behind for plates of Belgian waffles drizzled with milk chocolate, fudge nut sundaes served on a bed of ganache-soaked brownies, and dessert pizzas layered in white chocolate, strawberries and marshmallows.


Start Planning Your Corporate Event

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