5 Tips for Throwing a Successful Kids Party


As much as we love helping our kids celebrate their birthday, coming up with 15 years worth of fun party ideas can get a bit overwhelming. Whether your child is 3 years old or 11, we’ve come up with a range of tips for throwing a successful kids party.



1.     List a start and end time on the invitations

Don't let your kids party turn into a child care facility. Put a start and end time on the invitations to help get the ‘it’s time to go’ hint across. You’ll be run off your feet and the last thing you want is parents slowly dribbling in to pick up their kids.


2. ‘Make - your- own’ activities

Kids are full of energy and love to run amok. Keep them entertained at parties by organising activities, or hosting a party where they can work to create something. Party ideas such as ‘make your own smoothie pops’, or ‘paint your own plates’ are the perfect way to keep kids entertained. Not only do the kids get to release some of that creative energy, but they also get to experience the joy of having created something themselves.


3. Hire entertainment

If you’re having a kids party at home, then consider hiring entertainment. As your kids get older, games such as musical chairs and musical statues will quickly lose their appeal. Hiring party entertainment like petting zoos, face painters or magicians will make your birthday a memorable one.


4. Enlist the help of friends or family members

Hosting kids birthday parties is exhausting. You have 20 hyped up, sugar fuelled terrors of all ages running around. Help yourself out and ask in advance if friends and family can help supervise. Some can help with food and snacks, others can organise games and help watch over the little ones. Not only does this ensure it all runs smoothly, but it will give you time to enjoy the party yourself.


5. Goody bags

Goody bags, or party favours are a must have at any children's party, but you don't need to go overboard. Chances are the party was already expensive enough as it is, and honestly kids don’t really care what they get, they just like the idea of getting things. Don't spend too much time or money stressing about goody bags. Head to the dollar store and grab some bubbles, slinkies, stickers, mini pencils and lollies. It will only cost a few dollars per bag and your child's friends will be just as happy.

Eugene Went